Thursday, January 14, 2016

Airsoft Minigun Possible

 Black gloss contrasts with bright Harley Davidson Orange on this costume event m134d.
 These costume guns all have hollow center axles, and the barrels spin with a DC motor.
So you could easily put an airsoft gun in the middle, and have a really low cost airsoft minigun! Get the plans at

You can make your own fake gatling gun

 I hadn't added an ammo belt yet to this cosplay minigun, but the delinker does have the ammunition chute dock on the side here. By this last Sprig, my minigun design had really evolved into something fantastic. You could take this bright orange one all apart without using tools, and just as easily pop it all right back together. The barrels are metal conduit, the rest is 1/4" thick plastic.
A costume minigun should have barrels that spin when you squeeze the trigger, this one that I developed does! Want to build your own costume or event Gatling gun? I've got CAD files, PDF's, and trace and cut JPG files for you at