Thursday, April 9, 2015

M134 $999 at

 Here's the latest motorized minigun from

 It's 34 inches long, 12" wide, and 11" high assembled. 
 And we say assembled, because it's a knock-down-able modular design:

 it all comes apart into components with simple snap-locks on the carry frame, motor, and delinker. 

The 20" steel barrels are gear-driven, with massive CNC-cut teeth over a 1.4 inch tall. 
 The minigun also features a safety clutch, so the barrel disengages from the drive if obstructed, without damage. 

The virtually unbreakable ABS Engineering Polymer parts are all minimum 1/4 inch thick, with chembonded construction for rugged, long-life usage.  More info at