Saturday, February 21, 2015

Triple Minigun M134 X3

 Sometimes a whim gets out of hand, sometimes in a big way.  Somebody said triple M134 mini gun, and I just HAD to figure out a way to package it so a normal human could carry it.

 It weighs over 34 pounds, and runs on two 18volt power packs, rechargeable.

 The three barrel pack M134 Machine gun is another of my movie props, but can you imagine three airsoft guns inside?

Friday, February 20, 2015

M134 Machine Gun Movie Prop

 Seven modules, plus a charger and charging dock.  Parts are all CNC machined, hand-assembled in alignment jigs, and painted in semigloss black acrylic.  The design is gear-driven, no belts to slip or break.  The center axle (silver tube) is HOLLOW.  Many have been converted to AIRSOFT MINIGUNS by inserting an M14 barrel, that fits nicely!

 The separated minigun parts you see here total 17 pounds in weight.  The battery pack (U-shaped lump there) slides into a hidden dock underneath the minigun.  This is not some flimsy, blow-molded overseas short-shrift.  It is a solid, quality item that will outlive you.  I make them to last, and be reliable.
 Assembled, the M134 is an imposing piece.  Thirty-four inches overall, and nearly a foot wide.  It is a hefty looking machine gun, but is surprisingly easy to wield.  The whole assembly balances perfectly at the front carry handle.  The gun can be knocked down and re-assembled easily, with NO tools required, and NO hardware.  It simply snaps apart and back together.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mini Guns Make Zombie Hunts FUN!

 Steve Strank, of The Umbrella Corporation, with a M134 M machine weapon.
 With the earlier compact model (discontinued).

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The mini gun that I make now:  This is modular, and just snaps apart and back together. It really runs!  (Doesn't fire anything.)

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