Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Kickstarter project!

OK, My Friends, you asked me to start a kickstarter. I've had to word things carefully, YOU know the wild stuff I can do...

Friday, December 25, 2015

Friday, May 1, 2015

Airsoft-Compatible Deluxe Model Mr Minigun Ammo Chute

This is a Mr Minigun Deluxe, airsoft-compatible, ammo chute (this one is custom painted, shipping examples will be satin black). It weighs about 5Lbs, the components were CNC-machined from 6mm ABS sheet, from Interstate Plastics. The appearance and flex are outstanding.  On-screen behavior of the chute is  both fluid and captivating, and operator comfort and freedom of movement are completely unaffected.

Hand-assembled (took forever!) from over 370 individual parts. Center hole through all links is .54", plenty of room for airsoft BB conduit (McMaster-Carr 9664K49 spring works great) and power wires.

The rest is up to you. Minigun barrel shown for photo purposes only, not included. $350, shipping included.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

It's Even More Flexy, T2 Terminator Pinball Machine Kit

2nd cup of coffee down, lots of parts to run today, and work on the CAD design for 

the Terminator 2 Pinball machine kit is ongoing.
I've used up Monday's purchase of ABS sheet, more is coming today.
I have an advanced AMMO CHUTE to assemble, it's far more detailed at the cost of doubled machining time. It's even more flexy than what you see below, and has a very rugged Military appearance. Pics as soon as I have one completed.
 The delinker on my mini will see minor revision this week as I integrate the ammo belt connector into its parts.

 I initially designed it as a add-on.

 Making it part of the delinker will make it more compact as well as cutting assembly cost.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

M134 Mini Gun With Pack and Chute, Just $999?

Here's the First and Only full setup M134 (Westinghouse type machine gun) costume gun you can get, off-the-shelf, in the entire World.
Overall size is 34" long, 12" wide, and 11" high.  
The gun itself weighs almost sixteen pounds.
All major parts are minimum 6mm thick ABS, and CNC machined to size.  
There are NO vacuum-formed or cheap cast parts.  
The 20" barrels are steel, and they rotate at up to 500RPM, powered by a hidden 18volt rechargeable power pack (included) that docks underneath the M134 mini gun, out of sight. 
The authentic ammo chute and back pack complete the show: full sized real US Military ALICE frame pack and heavy duty ammunition box. 
The 5lb, 52-inch flex feed chute is adjustable for length, and is quick-detachable from both the gun and the back pack.
The port on the ammunition pack can be mounted in multiple locations and positions, top, bottom, left or right.

  The ammo chute has four positions it can mount in on the top or bottom of the unit, pointing to the left side or the right. Also, the chute also has three possible mount locations on each side, pointing up or down. 
So it can be easily tailored to a particular costume or preference.

The ammo chute just pushes into the port, and auto-locks into place. Squeezing two tab ears together releases it, just like on a real M134.
 The ammo chute itself can be shortened as needed with an included Phillips driver.
 Extra links will be available to make super-long chutes (unwieldy, but look awesome).

 The ammo Pack kit will come with the connector that goes on the gun. 
This will only fit my Mini's built from September 2014 on without mods.
 More info at

Friday, April 17, 2015

Mini Gun Ammo Chute

Contemplate HOW this was assembled...Dummy M134 Machine gun ammo chute section, 52" long.    I've been making motorized costume M134 guns for many years, but have made few ammunition chutes to go on them, for one big reason: cost.

  Regardless of materials and methods, an ammo chute has MANY parts, and assembling them an intensive process.  I have been working on a solution for nearly a decade.

This is the results, an alarmingly simple construction that exceeds every criteria set from the beginning: high durability, simple construction, low weight, and authentic looks for screen or convention use.  A suitable 52" section is designed to weigh no more than five pounds total, and be strong enough to support three times the weight of the M134 costume gun (

The links are one by three inches, and it's possible to scale them up or down to suit "caliber".  The dimensions given computed out as best for the mini gun that I build now, and will also fit those sold before July 2014.   

Links are much tighter together, but flex and twist are better than the one above. It couldn't bend side to side much, or twist, end to end.  Note how it isn't hanging "to gravity", but is maintaining its shape instead.  The play between links wasn't properly worked out in CAD, as appearance was a higher priority.

The new one has super-flexibility, but looks better.

  Chutes and back packs will be offered on the site in a few days.

Pricing is TBD, but ballpark is $599 for a Mini gun M134 and Pack with chute, $399 for the pack and chute alone, $305 for the mini gun (on sale at $288 right now: . 
For customers who already have one of my minis, the pack and chute will be just $349.   Chutes alone will be $150.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

M134 $999 at

 Here's the latest motorized minigun from

 It's 34 inches long, 12" wide, and 11" high assembled. 
 And we say assembled, because it's a knock-down-able modular design:

 it all comes apart into components with simple snap-locks on the carry frame, motor, and delinker. 

The 20" steel barrels are gear-driven, with massive CNC-cut teeth over a 1.4 inch tall. 
 The minigun also features a safety clutch, so the barrel disengages from the drive if obstructed, without damage. 

The virtually unbreakable ABS Engineering Polymer parts are all minimum 1/4 inch thick, with chembonded construction for rugged, long-life usage.  More info at

Monday, March 30, 2015

Mr Minigun $999 M134 Costume Miniguns

Four Mr Minigun electric costume miniguns to ship today, with another going out tomorrow morning, and many more to follow those.  The past week's been very busy, probably my busiest yet as far as sales go.   My standard order-to-ship turnaround is seven working days, but I've been able to average five or six for most of last year.  I would have liked to have seen this group leave on Friday, but well, it's Monday, and here we are.

 Key to this success is making a minigun that is RELIABLE.  Customers can rest assured that the device will operate as expected, with no issues.  Because my minigun design is robust and simple in methodology, my involvement after the sale hasn't been required much.  That's allowed me time to maintain production level AND quality improvements all along the way.

The minigun is in Tenth Generation now, it is radically different and far more user-friendly in its characteristics.  First and foremost, it requires NO tools to assemble.  

 The six major components merely snap together in a simple, cannot-be-assembled-wrong layout.  I researched Japanese "Poke-A-Yoke" assembly, snap-fits, and Tool-Less Design to ensure a solid background for each feature of my Costume Mr. Minigun M134's.  Convenience was embraced, and gimmickry excluded: if it isn't necessary, it just isn't here.

  Each of the major chunks of the minigun assembly have seen their own extensive revisions, based on customer feedbacks and my own continuing education.  DFM (Design For Manufacture) guided evolution is evident in the 90 different components, all produced in-house on my own CNC equipment.
The metal barrels are permanently bonded into a rigid structure, using 8 CNC-perfect, 6mm thick ABS parts. DFA (Design For Assembly) forms ensure great alignment of parts utilizing my assembly jigs. NO fasteners are used, keeping the rotational mass low for fastest spin-ups. 
 Massive gear teeth are over 1/4" tall, and have been over-designed 300% to ensure a long, long service life in heavy use.  The bearing-less minigun's barrel pack should be lubed with synthetic grease (included) only, and will likely out-live its owner in most cases.  Testing has shown them to be "bullet-proof".

This low barrel mass also contributes to the minigun's perfect balance: the gun's Center Of Gravity is directly below the front carry handle for the best control, one-handed or both. 
The gun will hang level when held from the front grip alone (with the included 18v battery docked underneath).  Large alignment pins locate the crossbar to the front of the minigun body, and a snap lock holds the rear of the rugged, Classic Minigun Y-shaped frame.

The Minigun's DC motor is a simple but effective mechanism comprising the 18volt motor, planetary gearbox, safety clutch, and heavy duty output drive.  Again, large pins locate the front (hidden in this view) of the minigun motor, and a simple snap lock holds the tail end securely in place.  The CNC made housing is water-resistant.
The minigun rear grip is the subject of much refinement.  Technically, the only moving part is the HD micro switch actuator nub inside.  The trigger button and its cantilever-style return spring are literally one piece with the main handle body to eliminate any slop or rattling.  The ten CNC parts use but two fasteners, the handle cover screws.  The entire mini is assembled with cold-bonding techniques to keep the overall weight low, both for handling by the user, and for the lowest ship cost.  Some of these go the the other side of the planet, so secure packaging and careful packing ensure a safe arrival in all cases.
The miniguns use a standard power pack, a Drill Master  18volt NiCad Rechargeable, item #68413 from Harbor Freight.  One is included with each gun, along with a charging dock and 110v wall adapter.  For filming or Cosplay, being able to get spares and have them charged and ready allows nearly continuous use.  

The battery docks out of sight underneath the gun chassis, eliminating the need to conceal or manage power cables or other wiring.  These costume miniguns are truly self-contained, a feature many customers have requested.

 The Ammunition Chute (simple prototype shown, see our new Deluxe Ammo chute, HERE) and Back Pack are a new addition to the Mr Minigun M134 Setup.
 Using a full-sized REAL US MIL ALICE Frame with harnesses, the Back Pack is both authentic and lightweight.

The Mr Minigun Deluxe Ammunition chute is rugged and extremely flexy.  It looks fantastic on screen and in person.
Get Yours at:

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mini Gun M134 From $319 Each

I've had so many different customers come to me to ask for a mountable minigun.  Sometimes it was for a golf cart, other times a full-sized Hearse.  We usually came up with a customized mounting, but at some considerable costs. ( I now have fresh design, specifically designed for the particular customer's needs in almost every case, and it's surprisingly affordable.

This can be mounted almost anywhere.  The mini gun is 31 inches long overall, and the weight is about eight pounds.  This would make a great turret gun or mounted emplacement. You could poke an airsoft M14 through the middle, they fit perfectly.   Be sure to check with a lawyer first on this, maybe Mom, too.

The layout is basic by mission: Keep It Simple.  There are only four major components, designed to assemble easily, rapidly, and without error. They actually just snap together with rugged, simply released lock tabs that are built in.  You can just push the parts together, and they lock into place. 

I also make a full sized M134 that you can carry or add to something like a T800 Endoskeleton.  This is the movie prop minigun that I make for most of my customers.  It's all standardized parts like the Universal mini gun above.  You can snap it apart and back together, which makes for great "load-out" sequences.  the gun can be snapped together on camera without any tools or hardware, in literally seconds:
Here, in this video, I run the gun, snap it apart and lay the parts out, then snap it all back together in real-time.  The video is under two minutes, with practice, the gun can be assembled in as little as ten seconds flat.   The parts are small enough for suitcase stowage.
Another movie prop mini gun that I make is the Mounted M134.  This is identical to my carry M134 except it is equipped with dual spade grips and a swivel mount pad.  The gun can tilt up and down, and swing 360 degrees.  I always include the goodies to make this one into the carry type as a bonus, it's like getting 2 miniguns for the price of one. 
You can see it at