Friday, April 17, 2015

Mini Gun Ammo Chute

Contemplate HOW this was assembled...Dummy M134 Machine gun ammo chute section, 52" long.    I've been making motorized costume M134 guns for many years, but have made few ammunition chutes to go on them, for one big reason: cost.

  Regardless of materials and methods, an ammo chute has MANY parts, and assembling them an intensive process.  I have been working on a solution for nearly a decade.

This is the results, an alarmingly simple construction that exceeds every criteria set from the beginning: high durability, simple construction, low weight, and authentic looks for screen or convention use.  A suitable 52" section is designed to weigh no more than five pounds total, and be strong enough to support three times the weight of the M134 costume gun (

The links are one by three inches, and it's possible to scale them up or down to suit "caliber".  The dimensions given computed out as best for the mini gun that I build now, and will also fit those sold before July 2014.   

Links are much tighter together, but flex and twist are better than the one above. It couldn't bend side to side much, or twist, end to end.  Note how it isn't hanging "to gravity", but is maintaining its shape instead.  The play between links wasn't properly worked out in CAD, as appearance was a higher priority.

The new one has super-flexibility, but looks better.

  Chutes and back packs will be offered on the site in a few days.

Pricing is TBD, but ballpark is $599 for a Mini gun M134 and Pack with chute, $399 for the pack and chute alone, $305 for the mini gun (on sale at $288 right now: . 
For customers who already have one of my minis, the pack and chute will be just $349.   Chutes alone will be $150.

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