Friday, May 1, 2015

Airsoft-Compatible Deluxe Model Mr Minigun Ammo Chute

This is a Mr Minigun Deluxe, airsoft-compatible, ammo chute (this one is custom painted, shipping examples will be satin black). It weighs about 5Lbs, the components were CNC-machined from 6mm ABS sheet, from Interstate Plastics. The appearance and flex are outstanding.  On-screen behavior of the chute is  both fluid and captivating, and operator comfort and freedom of movement are completely unaffected.

Hand-assembled (took forever!) from over 370 individual parts. Center hole through all links is .54", plenty of room for airsoft BB conduit (McMaster-Carr 9664K49 spring works great) and power wires.

The rest is up to you. Minigun barrel shown for photo purposes only, not included. $350, shipping included.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

It's Even More Flexy, T2 Terminator Pinball Machine Kit

2nd cup of coffee down, lots of parts to run today, and work on the CAD design for 

the Terminator 2 Pinball machine kit is ongoing.
I've used up Monday's purchase of ABS sheet, more is coming today.
I have an advanced AMMO CHUTE to assemble, it's far more detailed at the cost of doubled machining time. It's even more flexy than what you see below, and has a very rugged Military appearance. Pics as soon as I have one completed.
 The delinker on my mini will see minor revision this week as I integrate the ammo belt connector into its parts.

 I initially designed it as a add-on.

 Making it part of the delinker will make it more compact as well as cutting assembly cost.