Saturday, April 25, 2015

M134 Mini Gun With Pack and Chute, Just $999?

Here's the First and Only full setup M134 (Westinghouse type machine gun) costume gun you can get, off-the-shelf, in the entire World.
Overall size is 34" long, 12" wide, and 11" high.  
The gun itself weighs almost sixteen pounds.
All major parts are minimum 6mm thick ABS, and CNC machined to size.  
There are NO vacuum-formed or cheap cast parts.  
The 20" barrels are steel, and they rotate at up to 500RPM, powered by a hidden 18volt rechargeable power pack (included) that docks underneath the M134 mini gun, out of sight. 
The authentic ammo chute and back pack complete the show: full sized real US Military ALICE frame pack and heavy duty ammunition box. 
The 5lb, 52-inch flex feed chute is adjustable for length, and is quick-detachable from both the gun and the back pack.
The port on the ammunition pack can be mounted in multiple locations and positions, top, bottom, left or right.

  The ammo chute has four positions it can mount in on the top or bottom of the unit, pointing to the left side or the right. Also, the chute also has three possible mount locations on each side, pointing up or down. 
So it can be easily tailored to a particular costume or preference.

The ammo chute just pushes into the port, and auto-locks into place. Squeezing two tab ears together releases it, just like on a real M134.
 The ammo chute itself can be shortened as needed with an included Phillips driver.
 Extra links will be available to make super-long chutes (unwieldy, but look awesome).

 The ammo Pack kit will come with the connector that goes on the gun. 
This will only fit my Mini's built from September 2014 on without mods.
 More info at

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