Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mini Gun M134 From $319 Each

I've had so many different customers come to me to ask for a mountable minigun.  Sometimes it was for a golf cart, other times a full-sized Hearse.  We usually came up with a customized mounting, but at some considerable costs. ( I now have fresh design, specifically designed for the particular customer's needs in almost every case, and it's surprisingly affordable.

This can be mounted almost anywhere.  The mini gun is 31 inches long overall, and the weight is about eight pounds.  This would make a great turret gun or mounted emplacement. You could poke an airsoft M14 through the middle, they fit perfectly.   Be sure to check with a lawyer first on this, maybe Mom, too.

The layout is basic by mission: Keep It Simple.  There are only four major components, designed to assemble easily, rapidly, and without error. They actually just snap together with rugged, simply released lock tabs that are built in.  You can just push the parts together, and they lock into place. 

I also make a full sized M134 that you can carry or add to something like a T800 Endoskeleton.  This is the movie prop minigun that I make for most of my customers.  It's all standardized parts like the Universal mini gun above.  You can snap it apart and back together, which makes for great "load-out" sequences.  the gun can be snapped together on camera without any tools or hardware, in literally seconds:
Here, in this video, I run the gun, snap it apart and lay the parts out, then snap it all back together in real-time.  The video is under two minutes, with practice, the gun can be assembled in as little as ten seconds flat.   The parts are small enough for suitcase stowage.
Another movie prop mini gun that I make is the Mounted M134.  This is identical to my carry M134 except it is equipped with dual spade grips and a swivel mount pad.  The gun can tilt up and down, and swing 360 degrees.  I always include the goodies to make this one into the carry type as a bonus, it's like getting 2 miniguns for the price of one. 
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