Wednesday, March 18, 2015

$999 Miniguns Available

Here's a matching pair of universal-mount miniguns in black gloss, going to Texas. These will be listed soon, at

I CNC machine the parts and assemble them myself.  Everything from design to packaging, is done by Me.
The mounts will slide on the bodies, allowing a multitude of mounting options.
This pair is custom wired in parallel.  Production versions will just have a six foot pigtail and connectors.
Paint is Krylon Semigloss black. Each gun is 31 inches long, and weighs about 8 Lbs.
All non-tubular parts are CNC made of 6mm thick ABS sheet, and bonded with Oatey Black ABS adhesive.
The modular design uses the delinker and DC drive from my standard carry miniguns:

The barrels are steel, and assembled using modern Cold-Bonding techniques.  It has NO fasteners at all, yet is sturdy enough to fend off a grizzly with (please don't try).
This one is equipped with a DC battery pack option by request, but production models will be vehicle DC only.  Adding the battery will still be possible.
The two miniguns are identical except for the wiring.  Both turn the same direction, and are not mirror-images of each other.  That is possible, however, ALL of the parts were expressly designed for inverted assembly.
This will be what customers who order get.  The power cable is six feet, and has an inline power connector for convenience.

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